We provide global sourcing solutions that increase your revenue and mitigate the risk in the electronic components distribution supply chain. We believe in long-term relationships and work to understand your production goals and challenges, from component allocation to surpluses.

Procurement Services

• Shortages / Obsolete / Hard to Find / EOL (End of life)
• Positive PPV / Cost Saving Opportunities
• HDD and SSD /new and recertified
• Market Analysis by commodities by line items, lot, or retiring IT equipment

Cable Modems and Routers

Shop a wide selection of Cable Modems and Routers. We specialize in the following:

  • DOCSIS 3.0
  • MoCA
  • Set-Top-Boxes
  • Wireless Gateway
  • Headend Gear
  • DVR
  • Modems
  • Customer Premise Equipment

Global Capabilities

With a footprint that reaches from the Americas, Europe and Asia, GlobalTek’s global sourcing infrastructure allows us to meet your sourcing needs from both domestic and global levels. We have a vast visibility into a fully vetted supply chain and utilize our experience sales and purchasing team to meet and exceed our customer expectations and solving supply chain challenges.

•   Global footprint
•   Warehousing, Inspections, and 3PL partners around the globe
•   Domestic and Global Shipping capabilities
•   Cross Reference and Alternate parts recommendations
•   24-hour turnaround

Global Solutions

GlobalTek’s commodity team offers creative solutions for any stage of your products lifestyle and have a full portfolio of computer hardware and electronic components. These include Hard Drives, IC’s, CPU’s, memory, SSD, peripherals, and many other commodities. We can help be your eyes into the global supply chain and delivery the quality components and solutions when the need arises.

• Quick, reliable solutions
•   Offer piece of mind of Lifecyle of components in supply chain
•   Full-range of supply chain services and solutions
•   Access to our OEM/EMS/CM Excess Inventory Network

MI =Market Inteligence

Our strategic partnerships and relationships allow us to get real-time component and industry data which can help avoid disruptions in your supply chain. This can be key in avoiding shortages and also identify excess inventory opportunities to maximize the ROI on these key assets. GlobalTek will keep you a step ahead of these ROI negative situations.

•   market insights for shortages and Excess inventory
•   Top notched commodity and sales expertise
•   global supply analysis
•   Actionable data

Cost Savings -Lower Your Costs on the Components You Need

Pressure is high on supply chain and purchasing departments when it comes to cost savings and lowering costs. The biggest challenge can be getting the parts you need for production at a cost that won’t compromise the end line in the time when you need them. This challenge can feel like an uphill battle but GlobalTek offers many alternative options.

Take a peek at our alternative options –
• GlobalTek’s PPV programs can help get the price you need without creating any negative PPV.
• Share your BOM with GlobalTek, and we can help manage shortage and excess opportunities
• Creative sourcing means matching demand against our current EMS/OEM excess inventory
• We’ll do the leg work and source components from open market at prices that are below or at standard pricing.
• We’ll send proactive offers and present the opportunity on your BOM and keep your active demand in our state of the art database.

Overcome Obsolescence Challenges

It’s hard to predict the future repair requirement or demand, so when a part becomes obsolete and supply is nowhere to be sourced this becomes a major challenge in your supply chain. This situation can create questionable buying decisions putting their supply chain at risk to support an ongoing customer demand for obsolete products and legacy builds.

GlobalTek’s offers many solutions for obsolescence to help support our customers
• We have a vast network of vetted suppliers in the EMS, OEM, and global distribution marketplace.
• We are your gateway for a vast amount of components around the globe.
• GlobalTek can help give data for obsolete stock and help mitigate the risk of buying these components.
• Our team can help identity alternatives and cross for obsolete product.
• We can help replace obsolete components with quality products and zero friction.

Shortage - Navigate Shortage with Experienced Sourcing

These situations can come about without warning, so don’t let them impact your business and supply chain. When these shortages and allocations happen, we can be your supply chain partner to help navigate the global components marketplace and source the product you need.

GlobalTek has the resources to help avoid negative impacts of shortages
• Secured and strategic access to electronic components that are in allocation.
• Fully vetted global supply chain
• We are ISO Certified and have a strict vendor and supplier onboarding process to ensure quality over anything else.
• Our team is team is experienced and trained and prepared to handle and shortage demand.

Do you have Excess Inventory? Are you looking to get EOL or Obsolete inventory off your books and out of your warehouse? Submit your list and get maximum ROI TODAY!