We provide supply chain solutions that increase your revenue and mitigate the risk in the electronic components and computer hardware distribution supply chain. We believe in long-term relationships and work to understand your production goals and challenges, from allocation to surpluses

Customer Premises Equipment

Set top boxes, modems, routers and other customer premises equipment are a growing industry and the after-market care is of ever increasing importance for these devices. Let us turn your retired equipment into an asset. We are looking to buy the following.

• End of Life Equipment
• Obsolete Customer Premises Equipment
• Surplus Customer Premises Equipment

HDD & SSD Services

Let GlobalTek Manage your HDDs and SSDs at Any Step in Their Lifecycles

If you have HDDs or SSDs to manage, GlobalTek can come up with a solution that works

• Wipe information from your drives permanently (Department of Defense (DoD) standards)
• GlobalTek can arrange logistics and make it clean and simple
• Utilize our experience with online tools and the ecommerce marketplace to maximize the remarketing of your HDD and SSD.
• Depending on what your needs are, we can explore sustainable recycling and disposition options that comply with environmental laws.
• We can shred and destroy hardware to ensure all data on your drives is wiped and unreadable

Whether data sanitization or destruction and remarketing to recycling, GlobalTek can be your partner!

Excess Inventory and Equipment

Manage Excess Inventory and equipment for Greatest ROI

The longer your IT assets and obsolete/excess components sit in your warehouse, the greater the chance of the assets and inventory to lose value. GlobalTek’s excess inventory solutions can help maximize the ROI on your excess components, peripherals, computer hardware, and IT equipment .

Let us help work together to maximize ROI on excess today
• Consignment will help you free up warehouse space, allow us to receive and inspect and give you the maximum ROI for excess.
• Once consigned, GlobalTek can market and sell inventory and ship directly from our facility.
• We will have a profit share and split that is agreed upon
• Utilize GlobalTek’s experienced marketing team
• Our reputation and market expertise will guarantee maximum ROI on excess.
• Non-consignment options let you keep ownership of your excess while we market it to our customers. We also have a in house consignment option where you can keep the stock in house.
• We also can bring lot buys to move inventory fast, but this will usually be the lowest ROI. This will allow you to get inventory off the books and out of your warehouse facility.
Let GlobalTek turn your headache into an asset when you maximize your ROI on your excess.

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Purchasing Support

Optimize Your Internal Operations with GlobalTek’s Purchasing Support

Taking the time and energy to navigate the global component market and HDD/SSD market can stretch your purchasing team thin and also put our your supply chain at risk. When getting parts and hard drives becomes challenging, rather than go to Google or other GREY market brokers, send us your demand and we will source through our network.

GlobalTek’s purchasing services can help with
• Trust a GlobalTek buyer and 24/7 support
• Lower your overhead costs and minimize the strain with reducing duties for employees
• Centralized purchasing , easier to maintain supply chain.
• Eliminate vendor approval process and use GlobalTek’s approved vendors

Partner with GlobalTek and get piece of mind with your supply chain

Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics is for all operations related to the reuse of products and materials. It is “the process of moving goods from their typical final destination for the purpose of capturing value, or proper disposal.”
Reverse logistics is a long overlooked element within the consumer electronics fulfillment cycle. While forward logistics commands focus (the flow of products from the factory to the end user), reverse logistics occurs after a product has reached the customer

GlobalTeks reverse supply chain logistics include:
● IT Asset Disposition: Global, secure and compliant end-of-life IT asset disposition services, including data erasure and disposal, recycling and remarketing of systems and components.
● Electronic component distribution: Electronic component distribution and quality-control programs driven by comprehensive testing capabilities, integrated systems, industry intelligence and a global market footprint
● Service spares management: Inventory optimization and risk mitigation of surplus spare parts, using our planning processes to deliver bottom-line serviceability and overall inventory sales.
● Product returns management: Value recovery through our asset distribution and the remarketing of materials back into the global supply chain.

VMI Program

In today’s manufacturing world the need for a Vendor Managed Inventory program has become crucial for the direct supply of components from your inventory to those manufacturing your products. Our VMI programs are designed to physically hold your inventory until your CM needs it for production.
Why our program works is because it reduces your carrying costs while allowing your CM’s to have full visibility of your current inventory by both internal part number and manufacturer part number through our parts data base. This data base allows you or your CM to search your inventory in real time.
One great benefit to our VMI program is our ability to turn your aging inventory into cash through our programs. Once your inventory has hit a certain age, at your discretion, we can aggressively market your material to other CM’s, OEM’s, and distributors and turn your non-performing assets into revenues.
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GlobalTek’s global footprint allows us to find a solution for any challenge that may arise. We utilize global 3PL partners to help us fill any need and deliver in a timely fashion.
GlobalTek’s 3PL partner network allows for the extensive, customized logistics and inventory management programs depending on our customers goals and desired outcome. We have the ability to offer logistics solutions to ensure on time delivery anywhere in the world.

What can we do to support your logistics needs?

• GlobaltTek maintains a wide network logistics and 3PL partners
• Please contact us to discuss any Storage and logistics services, our goal is to solve any challenge.
• Trust your logistics needs with our long-standing relationships with our logistics partners. We have a proven track record for almost any size shipment or challenge.
• Let us arrange your logistics which can allow for flexible, timely and efficient solutions.

Inventory Management Solutions

• Excess and Surplus Management
• Consignment (Please contact us for more details)
• Revenue Share/ retired IT equipment / ITAD services
• Entire Lot Purchases
• Last Time Buy
• VMI programs

Do you have Excess Inventory? Are you looking to get EOL or Obsolete inventory off your books and out of your warehouse? Submit your list and get maximum ROI TODAY!