GlobalTek itad solutions supports our global partners at every step in their supply chain no matter how big or small the challenge is. We have a proven track record for providing solutions for IT asset disposition that matched the customers demand and need.
Our ITAD programs offer maximum ROI to go with peace of mind of knowing that retired assets are being dispositioned properly.

IT Asset Disposition and Remarketing

GlobalTek leverages its global footprint and network to maximize the value of your IT assets. We have the full capabilities to do in house cosmetic grading, functional testing and give an accurate snapshot of each asset. Once we have grading done, we will remarket though our global sales channels on the metrics of grading and ensure you receive the highest ROI on your assets.
• Global sales network with 24/7 support
• Accurate cosmetic grading and functional testing
• Maximum remarketing value through our global network

What GlobalTek can do to support your ITAD needs?

• IT Equipment Disposition After a Technology Refresh: We can help you with the disposition of your decommissioned or excess hardware.
• Data Destruction: GlobalTek protects your data security with our propriety wiping, degaussing, and shredding services.
• We can offer Mobile/On-Site Shredding
• Data Center Decommissioning and Takeout programs. We’ll provide customized support that data centers need to manage their assets. We can also provide all logistics to make process painless.
• Transparency and Visibility: We track and maintain serial numbers and can provide a certificate of wiping and destruction.
• Maximized Value Recovery: GlobalTek has a proven track record of maximizing ROI on assets.
• Flexible Solutions: Let’s set up a call and make sure we are the right fit.


GlobalTek itad solutions supports customers across all industries, from the data center, server rooms, educational systems, government contractors as well as many other niche markets. We can provide a unique solution for any equipment you need to retire or any IT refresh you are looking to do.

Refurbishment and Repair

GlobalTek’s state of the art ISO certified warehouse is set up to handle a wide range of IT assets. Our itad solutions experience and technology allows us to offer recover the maximum ROI in secondary market verticals.

We are able to diagnose problems quickly and build solutions to repair and refurbish hard drives that may otherwise have to be scrapped. Our QC engineers and hardware specialists have effectively maximized ROI of otherwise dead assets.
The services we offer:
• Mass Hard Drive Repair
• Hard drive-SSD testing and grading
• Secure hard drive wiping –  Solid State Drive SSD wiping
• Certification of hard drive wiping and sanitization
• Recycling
• Certification
• Warranty

Secure Data Destruction / Data Sanitization and Destruction Services

When it comes to data, we realize that security is the number 1 priority. GlobalTek’s data destruction process safeguards your sensitive information, eliminating the risks that comes with data exposure and your product ending up in a land fill.
Our proprietary systems allow us to set specific test parameters based upon client needs to ensure accuracy when testing and erasing. Whether you’re looking for a S.M.A.R.T. test with a single pass erase or a full DoD 5220.22M standard wipe, we have the technology and capacity to handle your job quickly.
Secure Data Destruction
• Fully documented, secure data destruction


Data sensitive material that requires wiping as a means of destruction will be processed in accordance with the client’s requirement. Wiping can consist of a single, one time pass or as many as seven passes which is compliant with the U.S. Department of Defense Standard 5220.22-M (DoD compliant erasure).

Hard drives or other customer required equipment marked for destruction will be shredded at our facility and a certificate of destruction will be provided. If your data destruction requires additional verification, GlobalTek offers serial number tracking and video proof of destruction.

Bar code scanning of serial numbers and data capture for reporting purposes


Through a mix of online sales platforms, e-commerce, and senior inside sales team, we can maximize the ROI of your drives to yield the greatest return on your asset.
We also believe that “re-use” is the most desirable form of recycling, as it extends the useful life of a product and provides the highest monetary return. Most standard application products can be used to service smaller companies, R&D firms or test and repair facilities. Globaltek strives to find markets for these assets to maximize our client’s recovery.
• Market Evaluations
-Use of market experience to give realistic expectations
-GlobalTek has real time market price info on all HDD and SSD
-When remarketing is not an option, then we will recycle compliant with environmental laws. We are committed to producing zero waste to landfills.
GlobalTek’s HDD and SSD programs deliver secure and effective solutions for data sanitization, destruction, remarketing, and recycling. Contact us today to find the right strategy for your assets and see if we are a good fit.

Data Center Decommissioning

Our ITAD SOLUTIONS team is primed to support the needs of data centers with tailored decommissioning support at whatever scale your facility needs it. We’ll build a custom plan to help manage your center’s assets effectively, with maximum ROI.

Hardware Destruction

GlobalTek’s hardware destruction services for HDDs and SSDs guarantees that all data on your drives is erased and cleaned. Our standard process is supplying Certificates of destruction with all serial numbers.
Upon request we can offer mobile shredding services. Please contact us for more details.

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